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The love of special rolls!


The Happy Sumo was created in 1999 from our desire to give Utahns a sushi experience they had never experienced before. As hard as it is to fathom now, back in the late 90’s Asian fusion was a new concept and elaborate specialty rolls were hard to find. The founders of Happy Sumo saw an opportunity to bring some of the most innovative, mouth watering, and delicious sushi roll combinations to Utah’s soon to be bourgeoning restaurant scene. Since then, the Happy Sumo has been constantly improving and refining each of our recipes in a cycle of constant of never ending improvement resulting in some of the best specialty rolls ever created.

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Our dedication to procuring the freshest and most responsibly caught seafood available has allowed the Happy Sumo to win accolades in almost every conceivable category over the years. Best new restaurant, best sushi, best Japanese, most romantic, best business lunch, and best date night, to name a few. Our ongoing commitment to the environment is demonstrated by the recycling of our glass, food waste, and paper products, only dispensing straws when asked and then only using paper straws, and the vast majority of our seafood is from sustainable, renewable stock.

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The Happy Sumo is dedicated to providing our guests with a delightfully causal yet upscale dining experience which is perfect for an impressive power lunch, celebrating a special occasion, getting together with family, or experiencing a romantic night out. We have menu options available for gluten friendly and soy free guests as well and most items can be made vegan.

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